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We offer editorial, proof-reading service, specializing in scientific, technical writing of manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed, high-impact journals, theses, reports, grant proposals, and other scientific text.

Sciences are broadly defined, including basic sciences (physics, geology), natural sciences, and interdisciplinary fields (e.g., oceanography, environmental sciences, biochemistry, toxicology, nutrition, fisheries and aquaculture), as well as engineering, and social sciences.

  • Academic journal articles
  • Academic book manuscripts
  • Academic and scientific books
  • Scientific papers
  • Conference Papers
  • Magazine articles
  • PhD Theses
  • Training modules
  • Professional CVs

Our Goals

  • To produce clear, articulate and effective dissemination of information for successful publication in the sciences,
  • To increase chances of acceptance and citation of manuscripts,
  • To streamline the need for iterative submission/revision.

We do not guarantee publication as this is dependent on content, but we have a high rate of publication acceptance.

Our Services

Service led by established, multilingual scientist with 30 years of combined professional experience in the US and Canada (teaching and research), and global consulting experience in Latin America, France, and the PRC, including Hong Kong.

Owing to her broad, multi-national experience she is sensitive to the critical importance of communication in English by non-English speakers and the challenges it poses.

Our services are personalized: we respond to author editorial queries via e-mail to ensure that the revision reflects the author’s intent and data interpretation.

Timely Services

We provide a timely (as fast as 48 h), high-quality product, strict confidentiality, attention to detail, and consideration of the target journal and purpose of the text.

English has been the dominant language in the sciences since WWII. Publishing in high-quality, international journals is key to professional advancement and dissemination of scientific research worldwide.

Manuscripts written by non-English writers are routinely rejected upon first submission by journal editors before they are even reviewed by experts because of inadequate writing style, grammar, and organization. The response to reviewers is often key to ensuring final publication and will therefore also be part of the editing.