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Our aim at is to help students, publishers, journal editors, investigators and scholars at all career levels, universities, research centers, and businesses around the world by editing and proofreading their academic, scientific and professional writing for publication or submission.

Our services are provided by established, multilingual scientist with 30+ years of combined professional experience in the US and Canada (teaching and research), and global consulting experience in Latin America, France, and the PRC including Hong Kong.

Owing to her broad, multi-national experience she is sensitive to the critical importance of communication in English by non-English speakers and the challenges it poses.

There are established, marked cultural differences among nationals of different continents, resulting in the need for an editorial service that goes beyond translation to English. It requires understanding of common stylistic differences and errors, and greatly benefits from an understanding of specialized content

  • Copy editing for grammar, syntax, and style
  • Re-organizing of content
  • Editing for clarity and reduced wordiness of text
  • Replacement of inappropriate words
  • Suggestions on improved title, and data presentation
  • Suggestions on suitable alternate journals for submission
  • Strict confidentiality of your article
  • British English and American Editing
  • An English editing certificate is provided if required